Simulation of Mr. Yellow (2019)
a FILM BY Mahan Khomamipour

The Simulation of Mr. Yellow is a short Documentary about the love of an old man who dressed in yellow and lives alone in the war-torn city of Aleppo.

Original title: Shabihsazi Agaye Zard
Genre: War / Drama
Year of production: 2019
Runtime: 16 min and 45 sec
Aspect Ratio: Scope
Sound: Stereo

Director: Mahan Khomamipour
Producer: Mahan Khomamipour, Mehdi Motahar
Writers: Omid Belaqati, Mahan Khomamipour
D.O.P: Mahan Khomamipour
Editor: Paliz Khoshdel
Music: Mohammad Mousavi
Sound Designer: Ashkan Faramarzy
Sound Recordist: Nassir Nabhanian
Production Manager: Nassir Nabhanian
Colorist: Paliz Khoshdel
Graphic Designer: Eilya Eatamtani

“Simulation of Mr. Yellow” is a love story about an old man in yellow who lives alone in war-torn city of Aleppo “why people still living in war-torn city?” that’s question I used to ask myself a lot, before I travel to Syria During my search, I watched so many Videos on net about War in Syria most of them were about the warrior, political side or refugee camp problem I get more and more confused by searching. because Each side only committed the other side forthe suffering of the people but none of them really care about people at allalthough, in those videos, I could watch the people who were still living inthe War-torn city. I used to pause the videos and looking at people faces andmade my own dreams about their life story, never could understand their purposeof living in War-torn cities and When I couldn’t find out any specific answerfor my question I decided to see and to show the part of life in Syria witchmedia usually doesn’t cover. Life of A person who is not in charge of anythingat war, a person who doesn’t care about the side of war a person who is not importantto anyone. and I meet Mr. Yellow in Aleppo.

Born 1992 in Tehran, IRAN, Mahan Khomamipour is a freelance documentary filmmaker, Director of photography, and a performer. He started his career on 2011 by Directing “on underground”a semi length documentary about breakdance in Iran from 2011 till 2018, he continued his career as a documentary & experimental filmmaker and made several Documentary and Video Art / Music about Iranian youth generation and their underground lifestyle. He shows his interest in performing by Directing “Heaven’sGate “And “A pair of City”. on 2017 he made his first international Documentary“Watching the other “about the war in Syria and he continued by directing“Simulation of Mr. Yellow” 2019


-“On Underground” 2012, Semi-long Documentary Film, (asDirector)“Better than life” 2014, semi-long Documentary Film, (asDirector)
-“Heaven’s Gate” 2015, urban Installation & performance(as Lead & Art Director)
-“A Pair of City” 2017, short video performance (as Director& Producer)
-“Watching the other” 2019, short Documentary Film, (asDirector)
-“Simulation of Mr. Yellow” 2019, short documentary film (as Director& Co-producer

Festival Distributor: FiDAN films


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