JANUARY 2016, IRAN / SINGAPORE – Viddsee partners with Fidan and Iran: Untold stories to create two Iranian channels for the first time on Viddsee, to showcase Iranian short films to a wider international audience. 


Iranian cinema and great Persian filmmakers are already well-known among the international audiences, mostly feature films. But Iranian cinema has one of the powerful cinema society in short film. Unfortunately, it’s not presented well internationally till today. With a number of short films that made annually in Iran and also successful short filmmakers internationally, Iranian short film cinema is even more prosperous than feature cinema.

“Together with the warm and hearty collaboration of Viddsee, Fidan now aims to promote Iranian short films and short filmmakers to the audiences abroad and also to connect talented short filmmakers from other countries to Iranian short filmmakers and audiences,” adds Hadi Alipanah, founder of Fidan.

Masoud Soheili from the “Iran: Untold Stories” project also adds, “Iran is a country that is mostly in the news due to its political situation in the Middle East and the world. At the same time, it is a country less traveled by citizens of other countries due to isolation for several years under political dusts. However, underneath it is also a country of many different cultures, a long historical background, and a multi-layered contemporary lifestyle. We decided to share our own perspective of this country in order to help people have better understanding about everyday life in Iran and its culture. We believe that cinema is the best way to reach our aim. As filmmaker ourselves, we curate a very good collection of short films from different part of Persian culture and now with Viddsee’s help we can share our untold stories with a bigger audience.”

Viddsee, Asia’s Mobile Cinema, is an online video publishing platform that curates Asian short films to its online audience via its web, Android and iOS apps. Started by filmmakers-engineers Derek Tan and Ho Jia Jian, the Singapore-based startup aims to create a platform to help filmmakers showcase their stories to a global audience, and allow audience to discover such cinematic stories online easily.

“We are excited to work with Fidan and the “Iran: Untold Stories” project to surface local Iranian stories and culture to our audience. Using our hybrid video and editorial platforms, we hope to frame the stories to make them relevant for different communities to watch and share the short films,” adds Derek, co-founder of Viddsee. “At the same time, it will also be interesting to add diverse Asian stories across East to Southeast Asia to Iranian audience as well.”

Highlights from the channels include festival-winning films like Unclean by Bahram & Bahman Ark, Videotape by Hossein Shaeri and animation film The Role of Each Fret by Maryam Farahzadi.

Audience can watch the Iranian films and more in www.viddsee.com. The Fidan & Iran: Untold Stories channel are both available via www.viddsee.com/fidan & www.viddsee.com/iranuntold


About Viddsee

Viddsee, Asia’s Mobile Cinema, is a hybrid online video platform that combines curation and publishing of short films to the social web. Audience can discover, watch and share these Asian stories anywhere via our web, iOS, and Android apps.

Watch awesome short films at www.viddsee.com, or download our app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store now!


About Fidan

Fidan, a professional website for short film has started its activity from 22th of June 2015. This website was created and managed by Hadi Alipanah, the journalist and film critic.

Among the prominent aims of Fidan one can refer to producing a professional content in cinematic literature of short film, an effective attendance in national and international short film events and festivals, communicating with other organizations and institutions to broaden the sponsoring horizons for short film filmmakers, screening short films throughout Iran to increase short film audiences and considering about the best and most significant produced films for presenting an independent and autonomous image of Iran's short film and Iranian short film in all over the world.

Criticizing short films, getting informed of short film news, interviewing with filmmakers and notes about short film that are written by short film filmmakers about various of subjects are parts of different issues which are being released on Fidan website or by Fidan itself in Iranian Cinematic publications.

Fidan also works in the field of distributing Iranian short films in international short film festivals.

Finally, the main goal of Fidan from the production to presentation step is to support the short film filmmakers in different aspects.


About Iran: Untold Stories

"Iran: Untold Stories" is an independent and nonprofit peace project which began in May 2013. The aim is to explore aspects of everyday social life in Iran and Iranian culture which are often unfamiliar to outsiders.

To live in a friendlier world, first we need to have a brighter idea about each other. “Iran; Untold Stories” team’s aim is to connect people of different nations with Iranians through the story of normal citizens of Iran and their culture.

This project is non-profit and is not affiliated with any political parties.

پیوند کوتاه: https://www.fidanfilm.ir/?p=2276